Whether you join me for a Shake Your Soul® dance class or fitness class meant to rev up your energy and enliven your spirit, or if we dive deep and explore your emotions as they live in your body and mind with SomaSoul® Somatic Therapy, I'm dedicated to helping you come to love and accept your whole unfiltered self.


Robin w.

"Best teacher ever , great energy and so friendly always gets you motivated and feeling great , enjoy Heathers classes always & her selection of music is great."

Kripalu Guest

"Heather Bilotta taught a wonderful lecture/class called Calming the Ocean Within [Kripalu R&R Workshop]. Definitely the best part of my experience there. She is amazing!"

shannon i.

"Heather is one of the most intuitive and effective somatic therapists I know. She is a powerhouse of a space holder. If you haven't worked with her you're truly missing out."

kripalu guest

"I'm a singer and a dancer, and I loved Heather's style of movement and the music she chose. I needed this release, and when the first song she chose was a favorite that I have sung and danced to. I was filled with joy. I got such pleasure modeling my movements after hers throughout the session; I enjoyed Heather's guidance and the way she encouraged everyone to just be and do. She has a terrific personality and is a real asset to Kripalu."



laurie m.

"If you are looking for a gentle nudge, a reality check, incredible support and guidance, Heather is ideal. She honors and respects where you are at, offers healing modalities that fit your style and pace. You can count on Heather for clarity, strength and re-connecting with your inner wisdom."

kripalu guest

"The Ocean Within was a transformative movement experience for me which dislodged emotional stress I have been holding onto for a long time. I am very grateful to the unique approach..."