Shake Your Soul®  Teachers Near You

Shake Your Soul®: The Yoga of Dance is dynamic dance practice that energizes your body and awakens your soul through a powerful, fluid movement repertoire and exciting creative movement explorations set to world music. A health and a spiritual practice, it will revive your sense of joy, freedom, grace, strength, and vitality. Participants find communion within their body and soul as they join in an inspired, joyful community of dancers. Uncover the natural dancer within you!

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SomaSoul® Therapy Practitioners Near You

SomaSoul® Somatic Therapy is a mind-body healing modality that utilizes mindfulness practices and the expressive arts (drawing, journaling, movement) to aid clients in accessing and bringing healing to mind-body tension. Too often our focus in therapy is on our verbal narrative. What happened? When? Why? We tend to neglect another powerful storyteller, our body! In fact, our bodies record our emotional experience as adeptly as our mind. Our viscera and nervous systems record our entire lives and express these memories in body tension as well as emotional and physical imbalances.

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Leven Institute for Expressive Movement

For more than 40 years Leven Institute for Expressive Movement (LIFE Movement) founder Dan Leven has led inspirational workshops and trainings, leading many to make the kind of real-life changes that lead to lasting health and wellness. 

Through LIFE Movement courses you can transform your life. Grow personally, as you learn ways to bring healing to your body, mind, and spirit. Evolve professionally, and become a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist or Educator through LIFE Movement trainings.

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