It Takes a Village, Seriously!

The seductive fantasy of being a one-woman (or one-man) show needs to die. Many of us can fall prey to the notion that we should be able to accomplish everything on own. Don't get me wrong, independence is great and for some who lack faith in themselves or need constant reassurance, flying solo is an important step into autonomy and healing.  We DO need to know that we can self-soothe and weather storms from a place of internal support. This piece isn't for those people. This piece is for the many people who go the way of the lone wolf.

For those of you who find yourself in this isolating predicament I want to share something important with you. Our survival and success as humans has always depended upon our ability to bond and attach to others. True story. Sure, relationships can go south but when that happens it's time to form new communities rather than retreat from connection entirely.   

Our ability to reach to others for help, to share ideas, partner on creative projects, and get advice on new endeavors is imperative to our success. I don't personally know someone who achieved their goals in a bubble. Maybe there is that unicorn out there who did it totally alone, but I don't know 'em. Rather, everyone I know who have had career and personal gains got there from a team of support. They had family, friends, and healing professionals who played Jiminy Cricket in their lives. Others who had the skills or networking abilities they lacked. Voices to say "keep going" when the inner critic lit up. Looks of alarm that time you wanted to invest every dime in a stock that just plummeted. See what I mean? We need each other profoundly.

Take some time to consider how you can create your own support team to help you in your life. What type of healers, which friends and family members do you want to recruit to help you stay on task and remind you that you CAN do it? That way when you have normal moments of doubt, self-sabotage, or need for wisdom you don't have only your own inner voice to rely on. You will also have your community to provide the backup and reality checks that we all need to prosper.

Go team!